4 Tips To Always Extract The Best Coffee From Your Espresso Machine


You no longer have to go to a specialized place or be a talented barista for delicious coffee. Today, coffee machines are affordable and affordable for those who love this traditional drink in Brazil.

You can choose to have that traditional coffee or use the full potential of your espresso machine to get practically a piece of art in your cup.

Invest in a quality raw material

It may seem a bit obvious, but it is important to make it clear that the quality of the coffee is directly linked to the bean that is used during brewing.

The raw material need not necessarily be among the best coffees in the world, but it is important to make sure of the attributes of the product. Of course, technology can soften the effects of poor quality grain; however, the blend is a key attributing for the final product.

To do this, you need to suggest blends that are refined blends of distinctive coffee qualities that can yield a unique end product. Now, if your machine is a capsule machine, be aware of the flavors each of these capsules can offer.

Have an Espresso Machine suitable for your demand

Like the beans, the machine used to make coffee must also be of quality. Households are usually automatic, with standardized presets. Baristas use professional machines, which are manually operated by those who know the operation well.

These machines vary by brand and purpose and produce distinctive coffees. Therefore, one must be aware of the specifications.

Another crucial factor is machine maintenance. It is imperative that you periodically clean all the compartments of your machinery. Accumulation of debris can clog some of the appliance’s ducts and compromise machine operation, and this can affect the final taste of your coffee.

Mill: essential for quality coffee

So Italians call the famous mills coupled with espresso machines. This factor is important for you to find the degree of grinding your coffee. Baristas recommend a 30-second brewing time to get 40 to 50 ml of consistent, even coffee.

To get to the perfect point, you need to test the grinding degrees of your machine to get it right.

Always remember to grind only what is needed for each cup of espresso and that the beans should be stored properly to ensure product validity and quality.

If you have a capsule or sachet machine, or if you buy ground coffee, this phase will not be important to you!

Learn how to get your hands dirty

As with everything in the kitchen, the drinker’s hand is very important. In an automatic espresso machine, the human factor is obviously minimized. Still, for those who wish to make coffees in professional coffee makers, a minimal notion of how to do it is required.

Espresso coffees are usually made at 90 ° C and served between 40 and 50 ml. Also, they are freshly roasted and subjected to a pressure of 9 bar, which gives the creaminess, consistency, and delicious foam of your coffee.

These are basic configurations of a coffee maker of how to make a quality espresso that obviously can be deepened to your liking.

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