Top 5 Mistakes When Making Coffee: Know It Here!


Coffee is a great drink option for various times of the day. However, in order not to get too strong, too weak, or bitter, it is important to use quality beans or dust and avoid making the main mistakes when making coffee.

Making a good cup of coffee is not a very difficult task, but it is not as simple as it sounds. This is because neglecting some details is normal and may compromise the quality of the drink. To get the best flavor and aroma from coffee, you need to pay attention to a few factors – before and during brewing.

Use any water

The most common mistake made during coffee brewing is the lack of discretion in choosing water. We often think this makes no difference and fill the teapot with tap water – which tends to be the most practical and economical option.

However, this attitude is not correct, as water may contain impurities or excess chlorine, affecting the quality of the drink. Therefore, it is ideal to use mineral or filtered water.

Let the water boil

When it boils, the water reaches about 100 ° C and can damage the coffee flavor, making it bitterer. Suitable is that it is at a temperature of approximately 90 ° C.

There is a good trick to measuring without a thermometer. To reach the ideal temperature, let the water begin to boil, turn off the heat and wait 45 seconds.

Choose the wrong grind.

Each method of brewing requires a different grind. For this reason, there is no point in wanting to prepare an espresso, for example, with a coarse grind. In this case, it is ideal to be average.

The thin, on the other hand, is suitable for making the last coffee. The right thing, therefore, is to invest in a coffee that has the appropriate grind to your needs.

Stir the coffee

Another very common mistake among people is stirring coffee while hot water is passing through the dust. This attitude causes some of the beverage’s aroma to be lost, which affects the quality. Also, if the strainer is paper, it may tear and damage the result.

Put sugar in water

Putting sugar in water changes the boiling temperature of the mixture and impairs the achievement of the ideal value, as well as changing the oxygenation of the water. In addition, this attitude alters the taste of the drink and makes it impossible to offer coffee to those who have the habit of drinking it without sweetening.

If you want to have a special drink but are afraid of making any of these mistakes while making coffee, we have the solution ready. Individual coffee is a practical option as it comes with the right amount and grinds. There are 10 g of product and just put in the cup and strain. But beware: do not use boiling water!

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